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Welcome to Surgical Associates of Houston, the office of general surgeon, Dr. Zhen Fan. At our office, patients receive innovative care and advanced surgical procedures, combined with our personable approach.

Dr. Fan is a board-certified general surgeon with over 15 years of experience performing minimally-invasive surgeries that significantly improve quality of life. It is our mission to get you back on your feet in as little time as possible, supporting your general wellbeing for a lifetime. 


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Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures in Houston

Dr. Fan specializes in minimally invasive procedures that help patients find near-immediate relief from common issues such as gallbladder disease and hernias. Our Houston surgical team understands that every patient has their own unique concerns, which is why we take the time to customize treatment plans for each individual we treat. You can expect your visit to be as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Dr. Fan applies minimally invasive procedures for the following procedures:

Our team supports patients through each phase of treatment and recovery, making sure they understand every step. We believe that the more patients know, the more comfortable and prepared they can be.

Call Our Houston Surgical Office for More Information!

If you would like more information about the procedures Dr. Fan offers, contact Surgical Associates of Houston, P.A. and schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you regain full health and wellness! 


It is our priority to provide cutting-edge treatments you can trust.


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